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The Intusoft Newsletter is the only publication dedicated to SPICE and the exploration of analog and mixed-signal simulation related topics. Our most recent newsletters are listed here in HTML format. You can review past issues by alphabetical topic by going to Newsletter Index above.

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Nov. 2010 nl84 Optimizing solar photovoltaic, PV, generation
Dec. 2009 nl83.htm Next ICAP/4 Release and DSP Designer. Intusoft's Solar1TiM Evaluation Board.Comparing Microchip dsPIC33FJ16GS504 and Texas Instruments Piccolo, TMS320F28027 Digital Signal Processors for Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Applications
Dec. 2008 nl82.htm DSP Designer Coming Soon with Year-End ICAP/4 Release. What is DSP Designer? How does DSP Designer work? Why Simulate using DSP Designer?
March 2008



ACME Magnetics USA and Intusoft Collaborate, Coming Soon: ICAP/4 8.x.11 Build 3247,Vote for New Features for the ICAP/4 Release Scheduled for the End of 2008, New Customer Training Course, ICAP/4 Features You Might NOT be Familiar With
Sept. 2007



New ICAP/4 8.x.11 Build 3090 Release, Pspice-to-IsSpice4 Converter, Improved Import SPICE Model, Improved Export Schematic as SubCkt, Improved Advance Analysis, Got Fault?
Sept. 2006 nl79.htm

New Enhancements for: OP labels, Parts Bin Editor, Crossprobe Thumbnail Graphs, Monte Carlo, Results Dialog and Report File, Removed Select Limits and Expanded Others, More SpiceNet Enhancements, IsEd5, Improved IntuScope, ICAP/4's new Digital Data Viewer, Power Systems World Electronics Convention
Nov. 2005

Modeling Solar Cells, Economics of PV generation, The Solar Cell SPICE Model, Peak Power, Modeling Lithium-Ion Batteries, PV Lithium-Ion Battery chargers, Poly Crystalline Solar Panel, MPPT Implementation, Analog Multipliers, Phase Detector, Calculate Wire Length, New Transient Options
July 2005



Summer Update, Nonlinear Inductors in Magnetics Designer, Simulation Tips, Nonlinear Inductor models
April 2005

Transfer Function Analyzer, Using the TFA, Divide by Zero revisited, PFC Average Models
A Nonlinear Capacitor Model For SPICE, “AUTOEXEC.NT” Installation Problem, How to Use ICL Variables
Jan. 2005

ICAP/4 Consumer is Here! ICAP/4 8x11 is Released, Turns Counter Project,The Encoder Model, Designing the Decoder, Exclusive OR, Where Analog Meets Digital, Counting the Pulses and Displaying the Results, Tesla Coil Project, Tips for Faster Design
June 2004



IC Stepping - A New and Unique DC Convergence Option, Stepping into a black hole (Timestep too small), New Accounting Output, Power Deluxe gets new PwmPrimitive library, ExtractMid and ZapDelay script, Modeling PFCs, Footprint and Part Number pickers, Decipher SPICE2 Poly functions, New IBIS to SPICE converter, Intusoft’s New Modeling Service
Feb. 2004



ICAP/4 Continues to Grow in 2004, Behavioral Models - Limitations, Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Voltage Variable Capacitor, Modeling Comparators, Modeling Amplifiers with Limits, Building Hierarchical Models with Subdrawings, New Features For Summer 2004 Release, Library Manager Extends to ICAP/4 “Deluxe” Software, Intusoft and SiSoft Join Forces with Partnership



Convergence Methods, Unique Solution Sidebar, Spice Options for Operating Point Control, Spice Options for Transient Simulation Control, Transient Initialization, Making Models Behavioral Models
Aug. 2003



SPICE 1 2 3 and beyond...,Simple Oscillator Comparison,ICL Scripting,Modeling Tips,Using ICAP/4 to Run in a Client Server Environment,More New Features
May 2003



GFT Brief Summary; In ICAP/4; Summer 2003 Update: EDIF for Mentor,Connect Current Test Point To Subckt Pins; Test Point Support B-Element, Scope Reads in CSDF, Print Reduced Schematic, Save Schematic to EMF; Schematic "Save As", XML Database for PCB Footprint; Support XP Style UI; Design Autotransformer
Feb. 2003



Hysteretic Average Model; New Spice Convergence Aid; 8 Nulling Techniques Aid Circuit Analysis; 2003 Brings New Updates, Server License and Mac Version
Oct. 2002



Turning Power into Performance; Intusoft is on the Move, Amazin' Factoids; Starting Designs Using Simulation; Power System Models; Using VSECTOL
July 2002



Filter Library Updated; Tips and Tricks; New !User Scripts; New ICL Commands; New Scope5 IEC EMI Scripts; Costas Simulation; FFT, Leakage and Filters
Feb. 2002



Rubberbanding; Model Theory; Demo Enabled Models; Z-Transform Bode Plot; Test Designer Key to Structural Integrity; New SPICE Transistor Models
Jan. 2002



Soakage and Capacitor Modeling; Mylar Dielectric Circuit; Sample and Hold Filter; 60-Hz Notch Filter; VRM Filter; Sweeps, Eyes and Families; Mod Operator; Family ICL Script; Eye Diagram
Sept. 2001



Power Supply Design; User Interface Tips; Perfecting SpiceMod; EKV Model; New Scope5 Scripts and ICL Commands
June 2001



New Product Releases; Scope5, Version 8.9; Magnetic Designer Gets Flyback Tab; Modeling Tips; Intusoft's Configurable Schematic gets its Pedigree!; Getting the Most from Your Design; Running Multiple ICAP/4 Versions
March 2001



ICAP/4 8.x.8 Ships, Release 8.x.9 is in Progress, Two-Port Network Characterizations, New Monte Carlo Analysis Uses Interactive Command Language (ICL), The 30-Second Data Sheet.
Nov. 2000



Using a Fault Tree, Handy Test Designer Definitions, Using Magnetics Designer Buttons, Using Equations in Intusoft's Units Converter, What's New, Library Manager, Modeling Bifilar Windings.
 June 2000



 Scope 5 New Features; New IsSpice Option Improves Convergence; New IsSpice Reporting; Preview New SpiceMod for Windows; Using VB Scripts with IsSpice, Revisited.
 Jan. 2000



 Newsletter Goes HTML; IntuScope5 Uses ICL; Power Supply Designer Notebook; Mechatronics: An Improved Hydraulic Library; SpiceMod for Windows
Nov. 1999



IntuScope5 Beta Is Posted on the Web; New ICAP/4 Version 8.x.7; High Voltage Booster Amplifier; Vote for Help on the Web; ICAP/4 Software Winners
 Sept. 1999



Control Loop/ Emitter Follower; Singing Filters; Filtering Ground Loop Noise; Magnetics Designer 4.1.0; ICAP/4 version 8.x.7 and Scope 5 Beta
June 1999



Why You Need ICAP/4: Managing Simulation Results; Using SPICE More Effectively: Impedance Measurements; Download ICAP/4Rx; SPICE Model Web Links; Modeling Op-amps Pspice©; Parts™ vs Intusoft; Modeling Motors and Motion Control Systems; New Magnetics Designer Released
March 1999



New Magnetics Designer 40 with FEA and Split Bobbin features, Free SMPS design book, Why You Need ICAP/4: Automated Measurements, Power Inverter Simulation, Using SPICE More Effectively: Passive Element Modeling, SPICE Model Web Links. ICAP/4Rx for Web Sale, SPICE Training
Nov. 1998



New 8.x.6 Release with EVA, RSS, Worst Case and Sensitivity Analyses, Free Web Utilities: IBIS to SPICE Converter, Units Converter Model, Magnetics Design: A Flyback Transformer, AC Bias Problems, RX for Sale On The Web, SPICE for Linux
May 1998



Test Development Techniques: Setting Measurement Tolerances, Modeling A/D and D/A blocks, Hanning Windows, and Current Limited Power Supplies, Initializing Circuits w/o UIC, New 8.x.5 Release, Free Web Utilities
Feb. 1998



Test Synthesis Techniques, Modeling Gunn Diodes, FMCW Radar Simulations, Why is IsSpice Better, Year 2000 Compliance, Special PSpice Users Offer.
Nov. 1997



New SpiceFarm - Internet Simulation Power, Configurable Schematics, Simulating A Fluorescent Tube, ICAP For Protel Released, New Mechatronics Library, RF/Microwave Simulations, Sidactor Modeling, Special PSpice Users Offer.
Sept. 1997



Sept. 1997 - Topics: New Test Designer Tool, Reconfigurable Schematics, Modeling A Spark Gap, Modeling Lasers and Inductors, Viewlogic OEMs Intusoft software, SPICE for Protel Users, New ICAP/4Rx Low Cost SPICE tools, New SPICE Reference Book Released for SMPS Designers

 March 1997

New Design Validator ™ New Design Validator ™; Why IsSpice is Better!; Intusoft Adds SOI MOS Model; Modeling A Relay; Model Comparison: EWorkbench vs Intusoft; New SMPS Book Available; New Magnetics Designer Update; Eliminating Convergence Problems; Why IS SPICE 4 Is Better!!!; New ICAP/4Rx: Prescription For Reduced Complexity; The Biggest & Best SPICE Libraries
 Nov. 1996

SPICE Made Easy; New Design Validator Option; ICAP™ Links with OrCAD, Protel, and Viewlogic; Visual Basic Scripting With ISSPICE4; Mix Mode Modeling: Digital Pots; NewSPICECD-ROM Available; Europe Gets Intusoft Mirror Site; Magnetics Designer Makes EDN Top 100; What Makes IsSpice4 so Powerful?; New SMPS Book Available
 Aug. 1996

System-Level Simulation; ICAP for OrCAD, Protel & Viewlogic; Intusoft Links with OrCAD, Protel, and Viewlogic; New AHDL Models Extend SPICE’s Reach; New AHDL Switch Model; H-P Gives Intusoft New Opto Models; New Magnetics Design Software; What Makes IsSpice so Powerful;
 May 1996

New Magnetics Designer; New Magnetics Design Software; How Magnetic Models Are Generated; ISSPICE4 Gets New BSIM3 Model; Pspice Abandons DOS Users; Modeling Mechatronics
 Feb. 1996

The Intusoft Difference; SPICE Array Linking Technology;Intusoft Links to OrCAD And Protel; Using ISSPICE4 with OrCAD Capture; Modeling A Triac; New ISSPICE 7.6 To Be Released; New Magnetics Design Software; The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 Nov. 1995

Wescon/95 Preview; Using the SPICE 3 B Element; Transient Voltage Suppression; New Web Site for Intusoft; New Magnetics Design Software; Spice 2 Book Available; Intusoft Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary; The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 Aug. 1995

Windows 95 Guarantee; New Keyless Network Easy To Justify; Simulating SMPS Designs; Simulating Pulse Code Modulation; Summer Sale: ICAP/4Lite Xtra; SPICE 2 Book Available; Microsim Makes False Claims; The Intusoft Modeling Corner; SSDI Provides ISSPICE4 Rectifier Models; Simulating In The 90’s
 June 1995

New Keyless Network SPICE; Modeling Nonlinear Magnetics; Mac Users... Competitive Discount!; Summer Sale; ICAP/4Lite Xtra, $995 ‘til 9/95; Training The Old Fashioned Way; New Library Powers SMPS Designers; The Intusoft Modeling Corner; New 555 Timers From SGS-Thomson; Simulating In The 90’s
 April 1995

New Products at DAC;Simulationg Digital Filters and Systems; Mixed Environment Simulations; Mac Users Abandoned; New MP SPICE; Current Mode Design with Current Conveyors
 Jan. 1995

ADHL Modeling Kit Released; Simulating a State Machine; Pentium Bug and SPICE; New ICAP/4 Update; New Lower Price DOS, Free Spice on Internet; The Modeling Corner: NTSC Signal Source
 Nov. 1994

Native Mixed Mode; Simulating A Speed-Control Servo; Native Mixed Mode Simulation; Simulating A MIDI Synthesizer; New TI Bus Interface Models; The Intusoft Modeling Corner; Simulating In The 90’s
 Oct. 1994

New AHDL Based On 'C'; Code Models Help Simulate PLL; IGBT Model Simulates 3O Inverter; ICAP/4Lite Upgrades A Hit; The Intusoft Modeling Corner; Simulating A Dual Opto-Coupler; Simulating In The 90’s
 Aug. 1994

Interact SPICE; Modeling Connectors; Optimizing Models; ICAP/4 Windows Maintenance Update, ICAP/4 Lite Special, SPICE for Power Books; The Modeling Corner: New Maxim Op-Amps, New BB Inst. Amps.; Simulating Circuits: PSK/FSK Signals
 April 1994

New Low Cost SPICE; Interactive SPICE Eases Sweeping; Circuit Initialization; Modeling Vacuum Tubes; ICAP/4 Goes POWER PC
 Feb. 1994

Interactive ICAP/4Windows & NT; Modeling Photodiodes; Modeling Vacuum Tubes; The Intusoft Modeling Corner; Stimulating Circuits: Using SPICE Output;
 Nov. 1993

New Interactive SPICE IsSpice4 for Windows; SPICE Benchmarks; Modeling Sensors; The Modeling Corner; Philips Adds BiCMOS
 Sept. 1993

Does Your Simulator Stack Up?; Power Schottky/Soft Recovery Diodes; Pole-Zero and AC-DC Sensitivity Analyses; The Intusoft Modeling Corner; Comlinear Models an Analog Mixer; Intusoft NEWS: CompuServe Information Service; EDN Article Focuses on Power Electronics
 July 1993

New ICAP/4 Update; New Models Simulate PCB Effects; FILTERMASTER - Active Filter Design; New RF Library Update Adds PIN Diodes; The Intusoft Modeling Corner; Intusoft News: CompuServe BBS
 May 1993

New IBIS Models From Intel; FILTERMASTER/ICAPS Combine To Create Active Filters; FILTERMASTER - Active Filter Design; FREE ISSPICE3 Update On CompuServe; New Models Simulate Vacuum Pump Systems; June ECN Article On Simulating Connectors; The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 March 1993

Simulating SMPS Designs; Intusoft Adds CompuServe Tech Support; Average Models For Switching Converter Design; PRESPICE Update/Active Filter Software; The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 Jan. 1993

Simulating Fuzzy Logic; Simulating Mixed Mode Circuits; Continuous PID Control System; The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 Nov. 1992

ISSPICE3: Simulates More Circuits; New If-Then-Else Speeds Simulations; ISSPICE3 Simulates GaAs Mesfet Circuits; Taking The Heat Out Of Temperature Analyses; New Technique Improves Power Models
 Sept. 1992

ISSPICE3: The Next Generation; ISSPICE3: The Next Generation; Solid State Relays and Switches (Part II); FilterMaster Professional Released; The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 June 1992

Another Intusoft First: IGBT Models; Solid State Relays and Switches; Simulating Class C RF Amplifiers; EDN Article Reviews SPICE Simulations; The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 Feb. 1992

News SpiceNet Schematic Entry Released; Simulating Circuits With SCRs;New Models Simulate RF Circuits (Part II); The Intusoft Modeling Corner
 Nov. 1991

New Products and Updates at Wescon 91; RF Device Library gets Updated; Annual Newsletter Subscription Now Available; New SpiceNet for the Macintosh and PC at Wescon;FilterMaster, New Passive Filter Design Program; Filter Program Links Directly to Schematic; SpiceMod 2.0 Adds IGBT and SCR Modeling; PreSpice Update and "Cookbook" Now Shipping; New Intusoft Phone and Fax Numbers; New Models Simulate RF Circuits
 Aug. 1991

PreSpice Update - Over 1000 New Models; “A SPICE Cookbook” Debuts; SPICEMOD Helps Model Dual-Gate Mosfets; Undocumented ISSPICE Options
 April 1991

Deluxe Upgrade Option for ICAP Owners; Modeling A Fuse; Fuse Model Listings; Undocumented SPICE Options
Jan. 1991

Intuscope 3.1 PC Update, Now Available; Why Windows 3.0 And SPICE Don't Mix;Rotational Device Models; Eastern Block Countries Open Up
 Oct. 1990

Intusoft Previews New Prodicts at Wescon; Analog Behavioral Modeling With SPICE; Behavioral Models for Mixed Mode Rotational Systems; ISSPICE/386 On 486 Computers
 Aug. 1990

SpiceMod - The Spice Modeling Spreadsheet; Modeling Pulse Width Modulators; A Buck Regulator; A 50 Watt Forward Converter
 March 1990

The Ultimate SPICE Post Processor; Switched Capacitor Network Filters
 Jan. 1990

New IntuScope Update;New Spice Applications Handbook; Simulating a VCXO; AC Analysis Resolves Oscillator Performance;Modeling Crystals Modeling Crystals; Modeling Varactor Diodes;Intusoft's Current Feedback Op-amp Models
Sept. 1989

IsSpice For The Mac Weighs In; Modeling Very High Speed Transimpedance
Op-Amps;IsSPICE Benchmarks
July 1989

New IsSpice and PreSpice for Macintosh; Neural Networks and SPICE (Part II); Modeling Lasers with IsSpice and PreSpice; Obtaining more Spice Models
 April 1989

New IsSPICE/286 Breaks DOS 640 Barrior; Neural Networks and SPICE; Using SpiceNet, PreSpice, and IsSpice for System Simulation
 Feb. 1989

Intusoft Tackles ASIC Design; Modeling Vacuume Tubes; SPICE Polynomials; Monte Carlo Analysis Using Plessey ASICs; Multiple Winding Transformers
 Oct. 1988

Thermal Models; A Light Bulb; Spice_Net Update; Pre_Spice Update; Intu_Scope Update
July 1988

Thermal Models;Thermister; EXP Function; BJT Thermal Model; IS_Spice/386; Training Class; Product Specs; Ordering Info; Update Card;
April  1988

Phase Locked Loop Models; VCO Model;Using Spice Polynomials; Divider Model; Windows/386 Report; Spice Training Class; Product Information
Jan. 1988

Desktop Publishing; 10 Cycle Log Macro for Intu_Scope
Sept. 1987

SPICE_NET release; Training Class; Optimizer Application
June 1987

Introduction to interconnects
April 1987

Pre_Spice Update to Ship April 30, 1987;An Optimizer Example;Application Note; Cross Talk
May 1998

Application Note, Switched Capacitor Network Models; Cross Talk
Nov. 1986

News Version of Intu_Scope Debuts At WESCON; Application Note; Cross Talk
Aug. 1986

Application Note, An Elliptic Filter; Cross Talk

Application Note: Op-Amp Models

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