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Power Specialist's App Note Book
Papers on Simulation, Modeling and More

The papers cover a wide range of disciplines including: SMPS design, Magnetics modeling, Signal Generator modeling, Power Electronics Device Modeling, and Power Supply Testing.

The book can be downloaded in its entirety for free. Some of the papers, in pdf format, can be downloaded individually as well. (See below)

Power Specialist's App Note Book Download in PDF format (3.2Meg Zip File) - make sure to save the save to disk as "psbook.zip".


The "Power Specialist's App Note Book", contains over 35 technical articles on power supply design and power electronics modeling. The Table of Contents is shown below.

Power Spcecialist's Book Cover

Table of Contents
Power Specialists App Note Book

Switched Mode Power Supply Design
Average simulations of FLYBACK converters with SPICE3
A Tutorial Introduction to Simulating Current Mode Power Stages
Write your own generic SPICE Power Supplies controller models
Keep your Switch Mode Supply stable with a Critical-Mode Controller

Exploring SMPS Designs Using IsSpice
Average Models For Switching Converter Design
Simulating SMPS Designs
SSDI Diode Rectifier Models
High Efficiency Step-Down Converter
IsSpice4 Scripting Gives You More Power

Magnetics Design and Modeling
Designing a 12.5W 50kHz Flyback Transformer
Designing a 50W Forward Converter Transformer With Magnetics Designer

Signal Generators
IsSpice4 introduces a dead-time in your bridge simulations
Three Phase Generator
Simulating Pulse Code Modulation

Modeling For Power Electronics
A Spice Model For TRIACs
A Spice Model For IGBTs
SPICE 3 Models Constant Power Loads
Simulating Circuits With SCRs
Power Schottky and Soft Recovery Diodes
Spark Gap Modeling
SPICE Simulates A Fluorescent Lamp
Sidactor Modeling
Transformer and Saturable Core Modeling
Modeling Nonlinear Magnetics
Current Limited Power Supply
Macro Modeling Low Power DC-DC Converters
Modeling Non-Ideal Inductors in SPICE

Motor and Relay Modeling
Modeling A Relay
New SPICE Features Aid Motor Simulation

Test Program Development and Failure Analysis for SMPS
Automating Analog Test Design
Simulation measurements vs. Real world test equipment
New Techniques for Fault Diagnosis and Isolation of Switched Mode Power Supplies
Application of Analog & Mixed Signal Simulation Techniques to the Synthesis
and Sequencing of Diagnostic Tests


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