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This page contains some useful utility programs available at no charge.

These programs contains proprietary information of Intusoft Corp. Their receipt or possession does not convey any rights to reproduce, disclose its contents, or to manufacture anything it may describe. Distribution on an individual basis is permitted. Posting on the Internet and/or electronic bulletin boards in any form or manner is strictly forbidden. Please note that these free utilities are IsSpice based and will not work with any other competitive package.

Modeling Utilities

IBIS to SPICE converter (370K v1.4 posted 10/98). This free 1.4 version of IBIS2SPICE supports models up to IBIS 2.0 version.
Support through version 3.2 available in many Intusoft simulation products or as a standalone product click here for more info.

The IBIS to Spice converter generates SPICE models from IBIS data sheet files. It reads a subcircuit template file (template.mdl) to define the SPICE subcircuit topology to be generated. The subcircuit template is customizable by the user. The default template contains subcircuit structures for use with IsSpice4. The program extracts the relevant data from the IBIS file and parses it into the SPICE subcircuit topology. The software has the ability to generate SPICE models from any or all of the IBIS models in an IBIS data sheet, for typical, best, and/or worst case speeds.

The zip file contains IBIS2SPICE.* (program files), IBIST#.DWG (ICAP/4 test circuits and schematics), *.LIB/*.IBS (sample IBIS data sheet and generate model library file), sample copyright.txt file, and template.mdl (subcircuit library template structure).

To install the converter, simply unzip the file. The IBIS2SPICE.Exe, *.Hlp, *.Mdl, and *.Txt files can be placed in any directory. No other setup is necessary.
(Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7)

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Engineering Utilities

Units Calculator (121K, in a zip file) - The Intusoft Units Converter and Calculator Program includes 3 main features: a scientific calculator, a comprehensive engineering units converter with constant storage, and a mathematical/logical expressions evaluation section. Software includes Help and is customizable.
(Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7)

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