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Test Designer won the 1999  "Best in Test" award, chosen by the editors of Test & Measurement World!  

Test Designer was among only 10 products selected for the award, which recognized the best test products released over the past year. 

 New Test Designer Redefines Test Software Development 

Test Designer is today's only complete design simulation and verification system for analog, mixed-signal and mixed-systems design, which also features full fault and test synthesis capability. For the first time ever, engineers can efficiently design, simulate and test complex analog and mixed-signal circuitry in the design cycle. Test Designer is an industry first, delivering the only comprehensive and structured approach to Analog and Mixed-Signal Design Analysis and Test Automation (AMDTA).

Test Designer encompasses every capability of the ICAP/4 Professional product line. It includes analog, digital and mechanical elements, as well as behavioral and C-code AHDL modeling abstraction. Automated fault injection, test development and isolation strategies for detecting faults are key additions to this unprecedented offering. The user can easily pair different circuit configurations with various analyses to create test setups, assign measurements (i.e., peak-to-peak, RMS, rise time, etc.) at prescribed design nodes, and define corresponding pass/fail limits for evaluating the detection of faults.

Test Designer computes fault detections for an entire suite of tests without the need for operator intervention. It first synthesizes faults throughout the design. Then it creates an extensive fault universe and fault tree for isolating faults in the fastest and most efficient manner. A weighted test-sequencing algorithm is run, which ultimately generates a test strategy report of detected faults and quality of fault coverage. This powerful capability extends SPICE well beyond today's simulation boundary, adding complete development for automatic fault and test program design. Test Designer helps ensure minimal product fallout during real production test by initiating its power early in the design cycle. It also greatly reduces test development costs by automating complex test sequencing processes, and it provides pseudo-code for use in automated test equipment.

Simulation Features 

IsSpice4: Intusoft's significantly enhanced SPICE 3.F5 and XSPICE based simulation kernel

Unlimited circuit size and tremendous convergence enhancement for simulation of large-scale mixed-signal ICs, circuits, systems, RF and power electronic design.

All SPICE analyses: AC, DC, operating point, transient, DC sweep, noise, distortion, for./rev., Fourier, AC/DC and transient sensitivity, Pole-Zero, nested sweep and interactive parametric sweep, temperature

Real time waveforms that display different types of simulations

Monte Carlo, Worst Case, Extreme Value, root summed squares, design optimization, pole-zero, 2-port with Smith Chart

Automated Failure Analysis/Fault simulation 

Visual Basic/OLE Interface 

State-of-the-art convergence algorithms and help wizards

Fault Mode Definition 

Provides special fault definition dialog with predefined part failure modes as per the Navy's CASS standard 

Failure Parameters dialog for definition of open, short and stuck behavior. Faults can include expressions of time and other circuit parameters.

Component values and parameters, plus subcircuit connections, set as faulted or out-of-tolerance

Reasonable defaults set for all failure modes for increasing productivity

Unique Schematic-Based Design 

Multiple schematic configurations for design and stimulus variations in a single schematic database

Multiple schematic layers for fast and easy design configurations

Failure Analysis 

Helps identify and troubleshoot circuit malfunctions

Automatic simulation of all failures and out-of-tolerence conditions with the push of a button  

Failures invoked during any SPICE analysis 

Circuit descriptions automatically generated so no need to "code" or "script" failure behavior

Failure Analysis  (continued)

Select Failure Mode dialog for quick selection of any defined faults for simulation

"What-if" scenarios automatically simulated with collection of multiple circuit measurements

Report of pass/fail statistics provided, plus visual test status meter for each circuit change or failure

Modeling Features 

Comprehensive SPICE Model Library (23,500+ components), with greater than 446 part types

Advanced behavioral modeling such as math expressions, if-then-else, AHDL, and table & Laplace models.

Enter expressions for R, L and C models such as frequency, temperature, conditional statements to alter simulation run

MESFET models including, HMET and Anadigics model

MOSFET models including very latest EKV, BSIM3 and BSIM4

Lossy Transmission line model

Library Manager that organizes and archives models, including comparison and search

SpiceMod for easy creation of new models, or altering existing ones, including test bed verification

Pspice to IsSpice4 model converter

IBIS-to-SPICE converter to version 3.2

Revolutionary GFT models that preserve closed loop design and DC operating characteristics while measuring open loop properties. Great for IC and SMPS design

Linking of sizable data arrays from external hardware/software to IsSpice4, using OLE2 automation servers inherent to SALT. Simulation data is viewed during simulation

Other Key Features

The DSP Designer option enables digital control and other aspects of DSP design to be visually simulated as transfer functions and equivalent assembly code instructions using special device models.

Complete storage of simulation setup, runs, and post-simulation verification for regression testing

Cross probe any node or component on schematic after simulation and view instant waveforms on schematic or in IntuScope in 3 selectable modes

Industry's most advanced wave viewer "IntuScope" for viewing multiple simulation runs, extracting numerical data and performing numerous waveform operations. Includes all voltages, currents, power dissipations, multiple graphs, full set of cursor measurements and wave markers, plus extensive wave calculator of 150 functions. Unique Digital Data Viewer lets user prescribe any signals as a buss in a variety of numerical and mnemonic formats, then view as tabular data against a system clock


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Library Manager Compares new models with archived versions, checks for duplicate parts and places new models into test drawings

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