Full ICAP/4 Capability Including Magnetic Designer & Power Libaries

Power Supply Designer combines the Power Deluxe version of the ICAP/4Windows analog and mixed-signal simulator with a powerful Magnetics Designer transformer and inductor synthesis tool. This is the industry's only power-electronic design automation solution that furnishes a complete design entry, simulation and verification flow, including full magnetic synthesis, in one easy-to-use package. An intuitive graphical approach to all of applications makes its operation easy and fast. You can perform high-speed cycle-by-cycle simulation to show true large-signal performance of switching designs; simulate current-mode control using new state-of-the-art modeling techniques; run CCM and DCM converter simulations; analyze control systems, study open-loop design characteristics without breaking the closed loop; measure power stage loss; and activate component stress alarms to monitor power violation.

Magnetics Designer designs and synthesizes all types of layer and section wound transformers and inductors, based on user prescribed electrical specifications. A winding sheet report and a SPICE-compatible model with parasitics are furnished as output. A database with thousands of cores, wide variety of materials and wire is included. In addition, you can add your own cores, wire and material information using a supplied Excel© spreadsheet. Several core vendors are supported, in addition to formvar, square or double square magnet wire, Litz wire, PCB traces and foil. Magnetics Designer calculates magnetizing and leakage inductance, inter-winding capacitance, peak flux density, DC winding resistance, high frequency AC resistance (including proximity effects and skin effect), copper loss (both AC and DC), core loss, weight, temperature rise, layer fill and window fill percentage. Typical applications include high frequency switching-regulator transformers; output chokes for off-line, full-wave and forward converters; 60 Hz single-phase line transformers; AC inductors; planar magnetic devices and 400 Hz aircraft transformers.

Library elements run the course, featuring new hysteretic average models; General Feedback Theorem (GFT) models that preserve DC bias while measuring open loop properties; 30 power supply schematic templates with various ICs and custom power components for SMPS design; and a gamut of many other ready-to-use power devices, all totaling more than 22,700 parts. The package also provides SpiceMod, ICAP/4's model building tool that easily creates and tests new models from manufacturers' datasheet entry. And Library Manager organizes and archives models, including comparison and search capability.

In all, Power Supply Designer designs, simulates and verifies your entire power system, or any analog, mixed-signal or mixed-systems design. Its schematic entry and design management system also includes footprint information for operation with the Bartels AutoEngineer PCB layout and route software.


IsSpice4: Intusoft's significantly enhanced SPICE 3.F5 and XSPICE based simulation kernel

Unlimited circuit size for simulation of large-scale mixed-signal ICs, circuits and systems

Mixed mode simulation, including digital components with timing parameters, behavioral and mixed-engineering blocks for special functions

Fully integrated design entry and simulation system, interactive for fast design changes and debug

Unprecedented technical support program, full documentation and on-line help within all applications

Simulation Environment

All SPICE analyses: AC, DC, operating point, transient, for./rev. fourier, temperature, noise, AC & transient sensitivity, distortion, parametric sweep and interactive sweep

Design Validator used to establish and record gamut of pass/fail measurements throughout design for failure analysis

Real time waveforms that display different types of simulation runs

Several types of analyses run sequentially with multiple real time wave views

Pause, change component values (or as expressions for function of other components' changes), resume simulation

Waveforms, operating point information and custom artwork displayed directly on the schematic

Analysis and convergence wizards to eliminate learning curve and need for spice syntax

Fast single or nested component sweeps for stepping values, part parameters or temperature through a range, generating curve family


SPICE 2G through SPICE 3F elements and through IBIS v3.2 support

Comprehensive SPICE Model Library (21,800+ components), with greater than 476 part types

Advanced behavioral modeling such as math expressions, if-then-else, AHDL, and table & Laplace models.




Models (continued)

Enter expressions for R, L and C models such as frequency, temperature, and conditional statements to alter simulation

MESFET models including, HMET and Anadigics model

MOSFET models including very latest EKV, BSIM3 and BSIM4

Lossy Transmission line model

Revolutionary GFT models that preserve closed loop design and DC operating characteristics while measuring open loop properties. Great for IC and SMPS design

30 power supply design schematic templates for SMPS design

SpiceMod for easy creation of new models, or altering existing ones, including test circuit verification

Library Manager organizes and archives models, including comparison and search

Additional Power Designer library of nearly 800 models, chosen specifically for power designers

Furnishes thousands of cores and wide variety of materials and wire

Other Key Features|

Complete storage of simulation setups, and post-simulation waveforms for regression testing

Cross probe any node or component on schematic after simulation and view instant waveforms on schematic or in IntuScope in 3 selectable modes

Pole/zero analysis for insight to circuit stability & compensation methods

Design optimization automatically refines component values to achieve a design objective, such as minimal overshoot and improved gain-phase margin

Industry's most advanced wave viewer "IntuScope" for viewing multiple simulation runs, extracting numerical data and performing numerous waveform operations. Includes all voltages, currents, power dissipations, multiple graphs, full set of cursor measurements and wave markers, plus extensive wave calculator of 150 functions. Unique Digital Data Viewer lets user prescribe any signals as a buss in a variety of numerical and mnemonic formats, then view as tabular data against a system clock http://www.intusoft.com/nlhtm/nl79.htm#ICAP_new_Digital_Data_Viewer.

Affordable price point with truly useful features not found in competitive offerings

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