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If the industry's highest-performing and most affordable analog, mixed-signal, mixed-systems and IC simulation solution is on your list of tool requirements, then ICAP/4 Professional is your choice. This full-featured offering is at the apex of today's most comprehensive simulation solutions. It not only furnishes time-tested technology and unprecedented capability geared for simple design to highly complex architectures, but it also supplies an intuitive approach for fast design, debug, verification and production test.

Power is shown in several unique ways with ICAP/4 Professional. For instance, ICAP/4's patented design entry system (SpiceNet) features different schematic layers (overlays) that easily combine to create different design configurations for debug, test, reuse, PCB and production - all stored in a single database. Layers are often used to construct different design sections, all quickly wired together and highlighted for fast visibility from the composite design. Also, any change in a design configuration is propagated to all others. SpiceNet also includes footprint information for operation with the Bartels AutoEngineer PCB layout and route software.

Another powerful feature of ICAP/4 Professional is "Design Validator," which provides a convenient way to easily run multiple types of simulation runs; chart electrical measurements and out of limit conditions and detect faults. Measurements include things like peak voltage, average current, rise time, power, temperature and supply voltage drop. Prescribed fault conditions, such as R1 open and Vbe short, are automatically injected and simulated for pass/fail signal compliance throughout the design. Design Validator includes aids to help interpret results such as histogram bars, colored alarms and numerical data all conveniently charted.

Of course ICAP/4 Professional features the industry's legendary "IsSpice4" analog and mixed-signal simulation kernel, including countless enhancements for optimum DC convergence, speed and handling of tough designs. IsSpice4 is even used as the simulation engine with Intusoft's major partnering companies.

ICAP/4 Professional's debugging tools help any engineer caught short of time to meet production in the fastest way possible. Pressing a button to sweep component values (as values, equations or functions of other components' variation) and view real-time signals, mimics actual lab debugging but with much more versatility. Fast nested sweeping of multiple components, plus updating previously viewed waveforms in three selectable modes are other time savers and helpful during debug. For design verification, several advanced analyses promote ultimate design reliability and manufacturability, reaching far beyond traditional capability of lab equipment and breadboarding. ICAP/4 Professional includes Monte Carlo analysis for analyzing circuit variations created by statistical variation of component tolerance values as found in production. Worst Case and Extreme Value analyses bring components to their most adverse behavior during simulation runs. Root Summed Squares analysis similarly imposes worst-case variation for certain types of non-linear design.

Other valuable features include the "DSP Designer" option, which enables digital control and other aspects of DSP design to be visually simulated as transfer functions and equivalent assembly code instructions using special device models. Corresponding waveforms include Bode plots of hidden parameters within Z-transformations. Real-time code generators also drive the DSP board in DC, transient and AC domains via a serial interface, and retrieve waveforms viewable alongside simulated waveforms through an IntuScope plug-in, . The product is also valuable for verifying DSP assembly language, though this tidius process is automated with IsSpice4 and DSP Designer's Integrated Development System loaded onto the PC.


IsSpice4: Intusoft's significantly enhanced SPICE 3.F5 and XSPICE based simulation kernel

Unlimited circuit size and tremendous convergence enhancement for simulation of large-scale mixed-signal ICs, circuits, systems, RF and power electronic design

Mixed mode simulation, including digital components with timing parameters, and behavioral models for special functions and mixed-engineering system design

Fully integrated design entry, simulation and verification that's interactive for fast design changes and debug

Unprecedented technical support program, full documentation and full help within all applications

Simulation Environment

All SPICE analyses: AC, DC, operating point, transient, DC sweep, for./rev. Fourier, temperature, Noise, Sensitivity, DC, AC and transient sensitivity, distortion, parametric sweep and interactive sweep

Design Validator used to establish and monitor gamut of pass/fail measurements prescribed throughout design for failure analysis

Real time waveforms that display different types of simulations

Several types of analyses run sequentially with multiple real time wave views

Pause, change component values, resume simulation

Waveforms, operating point data and user-created artwork displayed directly on the schematic

Analysis and convergence wizards to eliminate learning curve and need for spice syntax

Fast single or nested component sweeps for stepping values, part parameters or temperature through a range, generating curve family


SPICE 2G through SPICE 3F elements and through IBIS v3.2 support

Comprehensive SPICE Model Library (23,000+ components), with greater than 476 part types

Pspice to IsSpice4 model converter

IBIS-to-SPICE converter


Models (continued)

Advanced behavioral modeling such as math expressions, if-then-else, AHDL, and table & Laplace models.

Enter expressions for R, L and C models such as frequency, temperature, conditional statements to alter simulation run

MESFET models including, HMET and Anadigics model

MOSFET models including very latest EKV, BSIM3 and BSIM4

Lossy Transmission line model

Library Manager that organizes and archives models, including comparison and search

SpiceMod for easy creation of new models, or altering existing ones, including test circuit verification

Revolutionary GFT models that preserve closed loop design and DC operating characteristics while measuring open loop properties. Great for IC and SMPS design

Other Key Features|

The DSP Designer option enables digital control and other aspects of DSP design to be visually simulated as transfer functions and equivalent assembly code instructions using special device models.

Complete storage of simulation setup, runs, and post-simulation verification for regression testing

Compatible with SPICE netlists

Cross probe any node or component on schematic after simulation and view instant waveforms on schematic or in IntuScope in 3 selectable modes

Pole/zero analysis for insight to circuit stability & compensation methods

2-port analysis and Smith charts for studying transfer characteristics and stability in designs

Design optimization automatically refines component values to achieve a design objective such as minimal overshoot and improved gain-phase margin

Industry's most advanced wave viewer "IntuScope" for viewing multiple simulation runs, extracting numerical data and performing numerous waveform operations. Includes all voltages, currents, power dissipations, multiple graphs, full set of cursor measurements and wave markers, plus extensive wave calculator of 150 functions. Unique Digital Data Viewer lets user prescribe any signals as a buss in a variety of numerical and mnemonic formats, then view as tabular data against a system clock

30 power supply design schematic templates for SMPS design

Affordable price point with truly useful features not found in competitive offerings

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SpiceNet Revolutionary schematic entry program

IntuScope Full featured waveform viewer

Model Libraries Library listing for ICAP/4 Professional (Excel 2000 file format)

Library Manager Compares new models with archived versions, checks for duplicate parts and places new models into test drawings

Pspice-to-IsSpice Converter

IBIS-to-SPICE converter

Design Validator Automated simulation testing on different design configurations

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