Intusoft Releases Standalone SPICE Model-Building Tools

Carson, CA (February 8, 2008) -- Intusoft announced today the release of three new electronic design automation products used for SPICE simulation: SpiceMod-S, IBIS2SPICE-S and ModelBuilder Plus. The product capabilities have always been part of Intusoft's ICAP/4 SPICE-simulation tool suite for analog and mixed-signal design, but ongoing demand has justified the individual products be available for resale.


Intusoft's IBIS-to-SPICE converter is the only product of its kind offered by a SPICE-simulation vendor. It was originally released in August of 2004 as part of Intusoft's overall simulation offering. IBIS2SPICE-S supports 14 IBIS model types, and converts IBIS models up through version 3.2. To generate SPICE models from an IBIS file, the user simply browses for the file and clicks the "convert" button. All devices are then quickly converted for typical, best-case and worst-case process corners. SPICE models are generated for Input, Output, I/O, 3-state, Open-Source, Open-Drain and other I/O structures. The models can be easily added to the part browser inside of Intusoft's ICAP/4 "SpiceNet" design entry system.


SpiceMod-S is a SPICE modeling spreadsheet used to quickly create an unlimited number of SPICE models for thousands of semiconductors. It accommodates 14 different types of discrete devices such as Power MOSFET, diode, Power BJT, JFET, Darlington BJT, Sidac, SCR, Zener, IGBT, Triac and others. A comprehensive set of test circuits is included to characterize device operation, which allows the engineer to tweak datasheet parameters to obtain different performance and accuracy levels. The circuits enable a user's SPICE program to produce the same curves and graphs seen in the manufacturer's data sheet.

ModelBuilder Plus

This product provides the above two products in one package for a reduced price.
The new products are designed to work with SPICE3 programs. A free demo version of Intusoft's ICAP/4 SPICE simulator, including its Magnetics Designer option, is available by CD or download at: The new standalone products furnish IsSpice4 netlists, in-application help, documentation, and operating instructions.

Intusoft Product Backgrounder:

ICAP/4 is a fully integrated SPICE simulation tool suite consisting of design entry and management tools, analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation, full-featured design debug and verification capability, fault synthesis, and automated export to Bartels AutoEngineer® PCB system. The scalable product line starts at $995 US, with all product offerings based on Intusoft's IsSpice4, 4th-generation SPICE technology. ICAP/4 is built on significantly enhanced SPICE 3F5 and XSPICE. Depending on the offering, features include a full scripting language to optionally modify or create new simulation and waveform-processing functions; schematic-less device parametric variation; 30 power supply design templates; dedicated power-electronic and RF simulation libraries; magnetic design and synthesis option; integrated waveform viewer and signal processor that includes random cross-probing to schematic; pole/zero and 2-port analyses; circuit optimization; Smith and Nyquist charts; automated assignment and charting of electrical measurements including out-of-limit alarms; extensive parts management system; IBIS2SPICE converter through version 3.2; fault injection with optional test diagnosis; suite of manufacturability analyses, and a configurable design and debug windows environment.


Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning electronic design automation software to electronics industries worldwide. Its headquarters are in Carson, California, including a worldwide network of resellers. Intusoft's products target a breadth of applications across all industrial, technological, military and consumer industries, by providing leading tools for analog and mixed-signal design of boards and ICs, plus automated test synthesis.

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