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IsSpice4 provides a quantum leap in performance over other analog and mixed mode simulators. It is the first commercially available version of SPICE based on Berkeley SPICE 3F and Georgia Institute of Technology’s XSPICE. IsSpice4 allows you to explore circuit performance by interactively running different analyses and sweeping any circuit variable. With the ability to simulate electrical, sampled-data, mechanical, physical, thermal, and other systems, IsSpice4 is the ONLY true native mixed mode SPICE 3 based simulator. The advanced features of IsSpice4 allow all types of applications to be simulated: switch mode power supplies, mixed signal ASICs, RF communication systems, interconnects, control systems, and mixed mechanical/physical systems. Intusoft has spent hundreds of man-hours improving SPICE. And although IsSpice4 is based on SPICE 3, Intusoft has greatly enhanced the program over and above the public domain version; adding an interactive interface, providing superior analysis and model support, and improving the convergence algorithms - all for a price no one can match. IsSpice4 is simply the best and most affordable SPICE program on the market today. Just take a look at some of its features:

State-of-the-Art Operation

Built-in Models

Advanced Models

Analysis Support


Additional Interactive, AHDL & Mixed Mode Features

Convergence and Speed Improvements



Did You Know Intusoft Was the First?

The following is a list of capabilities that Intusoft introduced to the analog simulation world.

A SPICE For Everyone!

Affordability is the hallmark of Intusoft products. With our powerful ICAP/4Rx, ICAP/4Windows, and ICAP/4Macintosh software, all affordably priced, there’s an IsSpice that’s just right for you.


The Biggest And Best Spice Libraries

What vendor has the most model types? What vendor has published 3 books on SPICE and modeling? What vendor has the only Windows based AHDL language? What vendor provides their own SPICE training? What vendor has the most behavioral modeling features?

No Contest - The only answer is Intusoft!

No SPICE Vendor can match the variety and quality of Intusoft.


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