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Why More than 19,000 Copies of Intusoft's ICAP/4 Have Been Sold

Intusoft continues to demonstrate time tested leadership in analog, mixed-signal and mixed-systems design automation.
Its 25-year track record is steadfast, serving as today's leading SPICE-based EDA provider. Intusoft is widely recognized for its tool power, personalized customer service, ease of use, and breadth of technological EDA partners - some who use Intusoft's products as part of their EDA offering for resale.

With today's conservative economic times and the blistering pace from design to production, it's imperative that companies employ powerful, yet easy-to-use tools that are cost effective. Intusoft is dedicated to providing the industry's best tools for design entry, simulation, verification and test development. The company has devoted several man-years of advancement in its IsSpice4 simulation technology, supplying the industry's most exclusive application set for board level and IC design. But product commitment is only the beginning. Intusoft's customer support, consulting services, relationship marketing, responsive technical support and centralized operation are unparalleled. This is Intusoft's commitment to its customer base and the EDA industry.

Intusoft - Still Today's Premiere SPICE Tool Provider in Many Ways

Intusoft's team of technology professionals has achieved several noteworthy milestones. In addition to providing the best price-to-performance ratio of products, and unparalleled service to customers, other noteworthy aspects of the product line include a track record of industry firsts.

  • ICAP/4 provides today's most abundant set of analog and mixed-signal product features, with scalable offerings that conserve price yet provide maximum performance.
  • Complete assistance is provided for all levels of tool users, including a first-time user's tutorial with corresponding movie, comprehensive "Getting Started" and "IsSpice4 Users" guides, in-application movies and extensive in-application help.
  • "SpiceNet" is a powerful design entry and management schematic system that features a patented layering capability. Layering provides instant highlighting of different schematic sections from the top level (e.g., power layer, pre-amp layer, signal processing layer, etc.), fast wiring between layers, and easy formation of different schematic configurations for design, debug, production, regression testing and reuse.
  • IsSpice4 (4th-generation SPICE technology) features enumerable enhancements and extensions to SPICE3 and XSPICE, including extensive refinement of DC and transient convergence algorithms, and algorithms for optimizing simulation speed and accuracy, RF, power electronic and large-scale design.

    - DC, AC and industry's only transient sensitivity analysis, which also monitors a gamut of electrical measurements (i.e., rms, pk-pk, standard deviation, rise time)

    - Industry's most extensive convergence enhancements: Automatic Gmin stepping/Source stepping algorithms; pseudo-transient algorithm; improved predictor-corrector, latency and bypass algorithms; improved program defaults; full gear integration option; matrix load bypass algorithm; enhanced sparse matrix algorithm; alternate UIC; new VSECTOL, ICSTEP convergence algorithms; enhanced RELTOL and AUTOTOL convergence options; convergence wizard; and access to full simulation parameters

    - All active components support distortion analysis

    - Individual device temperatures can be set to a different value than the overall circuit temperature, allowing simulation of a "hot" component. Parametric sweeps can be run for virtually any parameter.

    - Unique interactive simulation accommodates on-the-fly component changes; simply set a button for continuous change, or alter a component as an equation or function of another component change, all without schematic intervention. This includes real time waveforms during simulation. Usual single and nested sweeps are also provided. IsSpice4's interactive capability also enables user to set simulation breakpoint conditions during runs, i.e., voltage or current level is reached, or a device parameter meets an assigned condition such as device breakdown, safe operating area or time-dependent event. Pause/resume simulation is also provided.

    - IsSpice4 supports pole-zero and 2-port analyses, plus Smith charts.

  • Industry's first Interactive Command Language (ICL) enables flexibility in advanced analyses such as Monte Carlo statistical, worst case, extreme value, root summed squares, optimization and transient sensitivity. ICL enables users to select these analyses as is, or optionally modify them for different performance. All these can be used in conjunction with AC, DC, transient and operating point analyses.
  • Industry's most powerful waveform processor (IntuScope) includes unique capabilities such as three options for instantly updating "previously viewed" waveforms, more than 125 waveform processing (calculator) functions, and ICL scripting for modifying existing waveform calculator functions or creating new ones. Waveforms can be instantly displayed on the schematic. The simulator simultaneously displays marching waveforms for different types of simulation runs.
  • Industry's only automatic user-defined measurements and stress alarms enable prescription of electrical test measurements throughout design nodes and/or components, including corresponding pass/fail test limits. Numerical electrical values are charted, while pass/fail indicators display out-of-tolerance measurements.
  • Advanced modeling includes many industry firsts such as the very latest BSIM3 and BSIM4 models; hysteretic average model; parametric variation such as frequency dependency for R, L and C, SMPS schematic templates , General Feedback Theorem models for measuring open loop response without breaking a loop; and non-linear magnetic, power, RF, IBIS, AHDL, and array hardware interface models. Device libraries exceed 18,500 simulation models (does not count resistors, capacitors and inductors).
  • Several SPICE modeling tools include datasheet entry and C-code development kit
  • Industry's only automated fault and test synthesis programs ensure high production yield, including pseudo test code generation for automated test equipment and field devices.
  • Industry's only full magnetic design and synthesis software option.

Intusoft - Today's Best Customer Support System

Intusoft understands that excellent product support really derives from excellent customer service, and has taken several steps to secure this relationship. Following are some examples that set Intusoft's support team well apart from other companies.

  • Highly responsive product support with personal response, not automated
  • Extensive worldwide dealer network with high technical competence
  • Sales literature and technical articles provided on-demand
  • Free demo CD by web download or mail
  • Free newsletters (83+) featuring premiere articles on design, modeling, simulation techniques and product usage
  • Reference account program, closely tying customers to Intusoft development and marketing
  • Relationship marketing for direct customer input to Intusoft's marketing team
  • Several published articles in leading trade journals such as Test and Measurement World, Electronic Design, IEEE Spectrum, Power Electronic Technology, and Magnetics Business and Technology
  • ICAP/4 training
  • Industry's only "DSP development and simulation" SPICE-based offering. DSP Designer uses Z-transformations, special SPICE models and firmware/serial interfaces to simulate digital control systems with Microchip and Texas Instruments DSP development systems, plus "stimulate" such boards from the simulation environment in transient and frequency domains. IsSpice4 automatically drives DSP memory with programming assembly instructions from its simulation SPICE matrix through an integrated development system on the users PC.

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