IsSpice4 Server is a configurable simulation product licensed to run on a remote server primarily targeted for web-based services. The package includes Intusoft's simulation kernel (IsSpice4), ICAP simulation environment and all model libraries, to run on Windows 2000/2003 servers.

Businesses that employ client-server networking desire self-running or interactive operation of their products on circuits for which customers have interest. Examples include semiconductor manufacturers that showcase select integrated circuit's for users to simulate within various test configurations; coil manufacturers to display response curves of various core materials; and power supply manufacturers to enable interactive testing using a variety of ICs on designs.

IsSpice4 Server is licensed for 1, 2 and 4 CPUs. Though a standalone simulation product, a customer can write their own graphical user interface to IsSpice4 Server to invoke things like design simulation, waveform viewing, part selections and circuit topologies over the network. In all, the offering caters to multiple design scenarios that typically do not require large network bandwidth, a characteristic that enables efficient web-based service.

A time-locked annual fee provides a cost effective means for IsSpice4 Server customers to start a web-based service, plus optional acquisition of additional licenses at any time to balance customer demand.

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