Your Prescription for Reduced Complexity

ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe combines the power of ICAP/4Rx with extended capability for power electronic design. ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe tackles tough circuit design, yet removes the learning curve associated with extensive SPICE design verification.

ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe includes "SpiceNet," Intusoft's 5th-generation schematic entry tool. SpiceNet provides a patented layering and configuration system that enables "highlighted" visibility of all schematic layers from the top level, quick wiring between differing layers, visibility of any layer from the composite schematic, and fast creation of different design configurations for initial debug, scaleable product end use, regression testing and PCB layout. It also includes footprint information for operation with the Bartels AutoEngineer PCB layout and route software.

Of course, ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe includes Intusoft's time-tested "IsSpice4" analog and mixed-signal simulation kernel, featuring more enhancement than any SPICE kernel on the market for convergence, accuracy, speed and interactive capability. For powerful what-if analysis, ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe also includes component and temperature sweeping for quickly generating curve families. It even provides pole/zero analysis for improving design stability.

The "IntuScope" waveform viewer and post processor features 150 waveform calculator and signal processing operations, all scripted for optional modification by the user. It also furnishes unique features such as three modes of updating previously-viewed signals during repetitive debug runs, plotting of any variable verses another (e.g., gain vs. temperature), and view of multiple simulation run types at the click of the mouse.

A comprehensive set of ready-to-use model libraries includes 900+ dedicated power devices as part of ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe's 15,600+ model count. These work with the IsSpice4 kernel's enhanced algorithms tailored for power design. ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe also provides SpiceMod, ICAP/4's model building tool that easily creates and tests new models from manufacturers' datasheet entry.

But this is only the start of a long list of benefits found in ICAP/4Rx Power Deluxe. See if the features listed below clearly make this offering the best choice for your design needs.


IsSpice4: Intusoft's significantly enhanced SPICE 3F.5 and XSPICE based simulation kernel

Unlimited circuit size for simulation of large-scale analog and mixed-signal ICs, circuits and systems

Mixed mode simulation, including digital components with timing parameters, behavioral blocks for special components and mixed-engineering system design

Fully integrated design entry and simulation system, interactive for fast design changes and debug

Unprecedented technical support program, full documentation and on-line help within all applications

Simulation Environment

SPICE analyses: AC, DC, operating point, transient, for./rev. fourier, pole/zero and Temperature

Several types of analyses run sequentially with multiple marching real time wave views

Analysis and convergence wizards that eliminate learning curve and need for spice syntax

Fast single component sweep for part value, semiconductor temperature, or design temperature to produce curve family


SPICE 2G through SPICE 3F elements

Comprehensive SPICE Model Library (16,200+ components), including digital model libraries of more than 500 parts


Models - (continued)

Advanced behavioral modeling such as math expressions, if-then-else, and AHDL

SpiceMod for easy creation of new models, or altering existing ones, including test circuit verification

Enter expressions for R, L and C models such as frequency, temperature, and conditional statements to alter simulation

MESFET models including, HMET and Anadigics model

MOSFET models including very latest EKV, BSIM3 and BSIM4

Lossy Transmission line model

Vendor supplied IC models

Other Key Features|

Waveforms, operating point information and user-created artwork displayed directly on the schematic

Real time waveform display of ALL voltages, currents, and power dissipations

Complete storage of simulation setup, and post-simulation waveforms for regression testing

Industry's most advanced wave viewer "IntuScope" for viewing multiple simulation runs, extracting numerical data and performing numerous waveform operations. Includes all voltages, currents, power dissipations, multiple graphs, full set of cursor measurements and wave markers, plus extensive wave calculator of 150 operations

Cross probe any node or component on schematic after simulation and view instant waveforms on schematic, or in IntuScope

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