THE GFT: A Final Solution for Design-Oriented Feedback Analysis,
a Data CD ROM
By Dr. R. David Middlebrook
California Institute of Technology

The Intusoft ICAP/4 Circuit Simulator includes GFT Templates. The GFT is implemented as a script using Intusoft's Simulation Templates. You can learn all about Simulation Templates and scripts by pressing the "?" button in the ICAPS, simulation Control Dialog or by using the "Help/Script Syntax" menu. The GFT Templates: Why and How to Use Them.pdf.

For further instructions we have included a GFT Summary and GFT Manual. GFTSummary.pdf is a 2-page summary. It quickly answers, "What is the GFT?" "How is it used?" "Are there limitations?" and "What kinds of circuits need this technique?" GFTManual.pdf is a complete manual that includes all associated GFT equations, and walks you through the example circuits included in the web download below.


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